Mammal Walk 2016

Mammal Walk 2016

This year’s Mammal Walk, led by Ailsa Henderson from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, was a fantastic success. The day was dry, warm but dull and the walk was quite short. We followed a circular route along the Woodland Walk from the Visitor Centre. Most of the traps had been placed by “habitat piles” of dead wood and leaf litter, created for the area’s wildlife. The first four traps revealed four different species – a field mouse, a house mouse, a field vole and a bank vole. This was followed by another bank vole then a couple of traps that had been sprung by large black slugs. Next we met a wood mouse and finally one trap containing two little field voles.


Ailsa opening one of the traps.


171-02-1-fField Mouse








171-03-1-fBank Vole

171-04-1-fHouse Mouse








171-05-1-fWood Mouse

171-06-1-fField Vole








Only two of the traps were empty. Altogether a most successful day.