September 22nd 2017 Bat Walk

September 22nd 2017 Bat Walk

This year’s bat walk took place on September 16th. and 28 people – including 9 youngsters between the ages of 5 and 14 – came along.

It was a mild, still evening, ideal for bat watching. The walk was led by Gareth Parkinson and the first spot, by sound detector, was a high-flying Noctule. Not long after that we were able to see and hear Common Pipistrelle.

Down at the reservoir we had good sightings of Pipistrelle and Daubenton’s – thanks to the large beam from a lamp following them as they skimmed over the water.

Back in the woods, again using the lamp, we saw Common and Soprano Pipistrelles and could hear Noctules. At one point we had at least four bats flying through our search-light.

A brilliant way to end the walk.

Gareth Parkinson giving his introductory talk before leaving the car park.
The group hearing and seeing Common Pipistrelles in the woodland.