July 16th 2022 Butterfly Day with Yorkshire Butterfly Conservation

July 16th 2022 Butterfly Day with Yorkshire Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly Conservation set up their gazebo beside the entrance to Anglers Park
Over 40 species of moth were on display, all captured by Pete Smith in his moth trap the night before. Well done Pete, great effort.
The butterfly display highlighted the Big Butterfly Count.
Les Driffield and Ann Davis from YBC entertained parents and children with lots of information, while Paul Davis was away conducting a butterfly walk with other visitors.
The children were captivated by the moths, they had never seen so many.
This Large Emerald was one of the most beautiful on display.
Dark arches moth, all the moths had been kept in a cool box until ready to display, and returned periodically to keep them calm. Subsequently, they were all released alive and well into the nearby hedgerow.
Meanwhile, Sarah and Sharon entertained the children with colouring and craft competitions in the visitor centre.
1st prize (under 10): Evie, aged 8 yrs
2nd prize (under 10): Marnie aged 8 yrs
Ist prize (under 6) : Cooper aged 4 yrs
2nd prize (under 6): Sebastian, aged 5 yrs

Butterflies discovered by Paul Davis on the butterfly walk and recorded by Ricky Donner:


Common blue


Holly blue

Large White

Meadow brown

Red admiral


Small skipper

Small tortoiseshell

Small white

Speckled wood

Dragonflies and Damselflies:

Black-tailed skimmer

Blue-tailed damselfly

Brown hawker

Common blue damselfly

Common darter


L. red-eyed damselfly

Moths collected by Pete Smith:

Beautiful carpet

Beautiful hook-tip


Broad-bordered yellow underwing

Brown line bright eye

Buff tip

Burr arches


Clouded border

Common footman

Common rustic

Common white wave

Coxcomb prominent

Dark arches

Dingy footman

Double square spot



Early thorn

Ingrailed clay

July highflyer

Large emerald

Large yellow underwing

Lesser broad bordered yellow underwing

Mother of pearl

Mottle beauty


Peach blossom

Riband wave

Pine hawk moth

Poplar grey

Poplar hawk moth

Scalloped oak

Scalloped hook tip

Scarce footman

Single dotted wave

Small fan-foot

Small fan-footed wave

Small magpie

Smoky wainscot


Straw dot


Yellow tail